Senior Wing

    The Senior School comprises of high school classes from VIII to X and senior secondary classes from XI to XII .The students are prepared for the CBSE Board exams for (Secondary) classes X and (Senior Secondary) XII as per the CBSE curriculum.

    Curriculum is Transaction

    The CCE way ( Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation )
    - CCE forms the basis for the holistic assessment of a learner which includes co-scholastic areas like Life Skills, Attitudes and Values, participation and achievement in activities involving literary and creative skills, scientific skills, aesthetic skills and performing arts and clubs.

    Personalized attention on personal growth
    - Projects, Open Book testing , Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills ( ASL ) . Career counseling, educational trips and workshops and guest lecturers form an essential component of the curriculum. Adolescent Education Programme ( AEP ) and Life Skills Programme prepare the students for the outside world. Equal importance is given to scholastic and co-scholastic areas. Individual counseling sessions with school counselor is provided on need basis .

    Health and Wellness programme
    - Yoga , specialized sports , aerobics , kabaddi are an integral part of curriculum at this stage .

    Accelerated teaching sessions for the high achievers
    - High achievers based on their track record are selected across the classes and are clubbed for special concept based and accelerated sessions to keep them motivated to raise their bar.

    Regular structured tests, assessment mentoring and monitoring of each and every child
    - Two formative Assessments and One Summative Assessment is conducted in each of the two terms in one academic year as per CBSE guidelines. Target setting for each student in consultation with each class teacher is a strong component for students at senior stage.
    The school provides a congenial atmosphere for students to excel academically and develop into ethically strong and morally elevated individuals and awakened citizens.