KLE Faculty and Staff

We believe thinking is as important as doing.

Faculty at KLE

At KLE School, we believe thinking is as important as doing. Our teachers and administrators, just like our students, view reflection as a critical part of the learning process. They continually ask questions, keep abreast with education issues worldwide, and refine their teaching to integrate best practices. Professional development remains a top priority, taking the form of teacher study groups, local workshops, state and national conferences, unique travel opportunities, and in-service training sessions—often with top trainers in the field . These experiences guide their classroom instruction, enable them to grow as professionals, and encourage contributions to the greater world of education. In-house ongoing training programs in partnership with Institute of Faculty Development, KLE Society Belagum are an integral part of professional development of the teachers.

As the first CBSE School for KLE Society , KLE School , Rajajinagar maintains a longstanding goal of continually keeping abreast with best practices in education, both local and national. In an effort to broaden our outreach—and to further our role as a KLE model of integrated inquiry based learning—we actively seek ways to share resources with other educators or interested parties. Therefore, we in collaboration with Fortius World School and have been nominated as the Global Delivery Center Hub . Our association with FWS will help provide students with up-to-date, relevant skills that can help lead to more fulfilling career and benefits which give students while giving them access to valuable Fortius World School Certification Program.

The Global Delivery Centre Hub at KLE School , Rajajinagar includes a Resource Room with seminal texts about integrated learning and articles from our in-house publications, cloud connect to schools around the world and exchange programes. Faculty engagement with students with select Inquiry Based Projects at KLE School elucidates child centered learning at its best .