Middle Wing : Grade 5 - Grade 7

    The Middle wing includes grades V to VII. Schooling in on nurturing and fully developing the individual potential of all students in a supportive and academically challenging environment.

    Students in the middle years are growing towards independence. Students are supported in their personal development by class teachers who mentor, monitor and support as students move through Classes 5-7. The Middle School Incharge provides a point of immediate contact for parents and a means to collaboratively address issues as they arise. The Middle School curriculum provides challenging benchmarks , skills, creativity, and flexibility to help students grow as ethically strong and responsible individuals for participation in a global society.

    Students in each year level are immersed in a range of challenging outdoor experiences away from the campus and in some distinctive personal development programmes that aim to develop character, resilience and personal integrity as a basis for their adult lives. School camps are an important element of this program and form an integral part of the curriculum.

    The Middle School operates on the premise that education can foster understanding among young people around the world, encouraging future generations to live in harmony and productively together.

    This curriculum is divided into eight key learning areas:
    1. English Language and ASL ( Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills )
    2. Mathematics
    3. Science
    4. II language (Kannad or Hindi )
    5. ICT
    6. Life Skills
    7. Thinking Skills
    8. Health and Physical Education
    9. Hobby Clubs
    10. Scouts and Guides, Creative & Performing Arts - Visual Arts, Music & Drama

    In addition to these key learning areas, the students in the Middle School also complete an Integrated Inquiry Based Project each term.