LIBRARY : The Learning Resource Centre

Libraries are the doorway to thousand worlds.


The library at is situated in the seventh floor of the school building. It has a reading hall and a stack room .

Library Resources

  1. Books : 10000
  2. Newspapers : 08
  3. Periodicals : 25
  4. CDs : 75

Library Hours

Library works from 8:15 am to 4:00 pm on all the working Days.

Arrangement of the Books

  1. Reference Books are arranged in three different shelves.
  2. Other books arranged according to DDC.
  3. There is a separate collection of specimen copies

Issue System

  1. Books are issued to the students using Easy lib Software.
  2. One books are issued at a time to the students.
  3. Students use their automated library card to get books issued.


  1. Book Issues
  2. Reference Service
  3. Display of New Arrivals
  4. Bulletin Board Service
  5. Katha Readers Club
  6. General Knowledge Club
  7. Kindle e-reading programme

Library Automation

Easy Lib software is used for automating the library housekeeping operations. Bar code scanner is used to read the bar code labels of books and students.