Junior Wing : Grade 1 to 4

    Students enter Grade 1 equipped with essential skills of reading , and writing . With the focus on the whole child in classes I and II the Mother Teacher approach is adopted . In the Junior wing the child further learns to investigate and problem-solve and to be creative. The child takes a keen interest in a hobby club of his/her choice.

    Students are exposed to Yoga , Aerobics , Health and Wellness Programme and can even volunteer to join as Bulbuls or Cubs .The Social-Cognitive-Behavioral Curriculum at the Junior school level values all the talents that students possess and runs a range of competitions to showcase these talents. We offer a Chess Competition, an Art Prize, a Poetry Competition, Science model competition , a Public Speaking Competition, a Journal Entry ,a Math Competition, a General Knowledge competition and a crossword competition etc . The Junior School has a strong Performing Arts department that affords students many opportunities to perform in front of an audience.

    The curriculum incorporates:

    1. Activity-based learning.
    2. Hands-on learning that involves abstract thinking.
    3. Demonstration of practical real-world experience through student projects.
    4. Allowance for student interests to be incorporated into classroom assignments.

    Through grades I to IV the focus is on making the child an Independent Learner . The Formative Assessments are non-threatening and cover a variety of modes ranging from ,Open Book Test , Collage Work , Collaborative Work , Multiple Choice , Map Work , Mental Math , Real Life Application Questions, Class Test ,Oral testing , Higher Order Thinking Question , Power Point Presentation etc .

    Learning extends beyond the classrooms walls and school days through project work which interlinks common core concepts in all subjects like Systems , Cycles , Processes with real life and make learning authentic . Creative writing , conceptual understanding, inter subject linkages , general awareness sets the stage for deeper learning in the middle school years.

    Students have a mother teacher / class teacher for most Key Learning Areas and specialist teachers in Performing Arts, Languages and Library. Physical Education is conducted by the class teacher with direct assistance from a specialist Physical Education/ yoga teachers. In synch with the CCE approach of CBSE both Formative Assessment and Summative assessments are followed along with plugging in values in scholastic subjects as well .