If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and be more, you are a leader.

Geetika Kharola

Mrs. Geetika Kharola

Principal, KLE SOCIETY'S School,Rajajinagar

It has been our constant Endeavour to go beyond the walls of the classroom and make learning as experiential and authentic . Our focus is to make ‘teaching – learning' a joyful process. We constantly evaluate, reevaluate and reinvent ourselves to make the process of learning interesting, effective and result oriented.

Children have a fertile mind and are constantly engaged in the process of inquiry. Every single day, when we teachers walk through the doors of the school, we hold ourselves – to be a role model, to be a mentor, and when appropriate, to be a friend and a coach to facilitate and unleash the creativity in each child.

The roots of our school are strongly embedded into the motto of our KLE Society, “ SATYA, PREMA, SEVE, SWARTHA TYAGA”. Driven by these values we consider that our students reflect the same in their behavior and will grow up to be contributing citizens of the world .


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